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I am an Englishman married to a wonderful Swede and live in a beautiful part of Sweden, Österlen. I am retired after a varied career as a photographer, salesman, marketing vice president, author and nurse. I have lived and worked in Sweden, Italy and France and was born in the United Kingdom. I love to discuss and write about my thoughts. I grew up with a father who also enjoyed the cut and thrust of debate.





"Age brings with it experience. It does not take a genius to see history's repeating patterns. If we say "well this looks familiar I guess this xxxxx will happen" it has no affect. One of those repeating patterns is that people do not wake up to reality until it bites them in the arse. Being right and saying "I told you so" is not welcome!”


Terry Hannington



I write about issues that concern me. Reputation management has been a passion and I cover it in my blogg.

Here you can see some photographs that I have exhibited.

We leased an all electric car for two years. It has now been returned. You can read of our experiences here.

Anna and I

In 2009 Konrad Roos Byggnads AB (556187-8769) built my house but unfortunately they did not follow the then relevent industry norms. OBFK AB (556683-4486) did not detect these visible building faults in its final inspection.


The details are here not to shame those involved but to give all the facts and show how difficult it is to be compensated and hopefully how to avoid problems in the first place.


When we planned our trip to Paris I had thought we would drive to Hyllie and then take the train to Kastrup. We arrived back in the evening so it would have been a short train ride to Hyllie and then drive home. But Hyllie and return is circa 200 kilometres. Nisse has a max 130-150 range so we must recharge at Hyllie. Hyllie parking has charging places but leaving Nisse plugged in for 4 days blocking a charging place seemed not such a good idea. The car park is being affected by a building project and is not functioning as normal. What if the charge places are not working or in use? Here you see the electric car anxiety. If it was just a shopping trip to Hyllie then we would have made the journey. But to fly away and then return tired and eager to get home with a car with just max 40 kilometres charge left seemed not so attractive. We could have charged the car at the car dealers in Malmö. It takes 30 minutes to fast charge enough to get home. We chose instead to drive to Ystad and take the train. It worked very well indeed. I think in the end it was the most relaxing alternative.


June 1st 2015


We have had Nisse for two weeks now. During that time we have not used our petrol driven car, a Suzuki affectionately called Suzi, at all. We have not needed to drive somewhere outside of Nisse´s range. One swallow does not make a summer of course. The realities will probably only be revealed when the two year lease is finished.



June 22nd 2015


Nisse continues to perform faultlessly. We have used our petrol car twice now. Once to drive to Ikea in Malmö and once to take it to the car wash as it was very dirty.


Ikea has a charging station which will work with our car so next time we will take Nisse. We took a trip to Ystad and parked in the station car park which has a charging station. We were 80% charged when we arrived and when we left after shopping an hour and a half later Nisse was fully charged. Ystad is now on our list of good charging opportunities.


The car has a Telematic facility which uploads travel and energy useage information to a Nissan website which I can access and review. We have driven 1 514 kilometres and used 203 kwh of electricty which will have cost me 223 Kr:-. Petrol costs in my Suzuki would have been 1 350 kr:-. Driving on electricity, remember I buy only renewal electricity, has saved 260 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. However if we look at the total picture the cost of Suzi and Nisse, when we take depreciation or lease costs into account, are very similar. In my total economy I spend 3 000 kr:- to save 1 000 kr:- a month. Justifiable perhaps as a short term experiment or if you permanently need two cars. However if you need only one car you may need to include other costs due to Nisse's range limitations. Other costs such as occasional car hire for longer journeys would need to factored into the cost of ownership model.


July 16th 2015


We took Nisse with us to Malmö for a couple of days. We stopped on the way to recharge at Mobility Motors which is the only fast charging station in Malmö. The recharge went well up to 95% in 20 minutes from circa 45% when we arrived. The journey home took us via ABDOS in Rosengård. When we arrived in Skillinge we had circa 25% charge left. The key to the uptake of electric cars is a wider spread of charging stations with a fast charge capability.



Feb 3rd 2016


Winter and snow has not been a significant problems for Nisse. It is nice to be able to start the heating in the morning remotely whilst it is still plugged in for charging. You are greeted with a warm car and with no penalty from the used electricity whilst driving. However the heating takes its toll on the battery and the driving range is reduced. Normally 130 kilometres is comfortable. In winter that is reduced to 110-120. A journey from Skillinge to Tomelilla, Ystad and back to skillinge which is 82 kilometres leaves you with less than 25% charge and Nisse flshes up warnings which is a little unsettling. No danger in reality but still range is a constant concern.


September 25th 2016


It now seems much nearer to the time, May 2017, we must give back Nisse and we have begun to think about what next. I think we agree it would be all electric again if we could get a range of 300 kilometre on one charge. We want to go down to one car which is not possible for us with Nisse. Opel has promised to launch an electric car with that sort of range at an attractive price. If we can get a lease deal on that car it would be very interesting.


So far within its range limitations Nisse has been a perfect car. I must say the best car I have ever owned.


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